Possibly one of the most useful gardening supplies we stock at Rock Solid, a good mulch helps soil moisture retention, prevent weeds, protect your plants from the summer sun or winter frost, or act as a stylish ground cover. A good organic mulch is vital for gardening beds as some mulches add nutrients to the soil, and can help protect organic materials which improves the soil in your beds.

We stock high quality types of mulch from natural and coloured pine wood chips, pine bark mulch, redgum chips and budget mulch if you’re looking to cost effectively cover large areas.

Our wood mulches can be used for a range of projects including garden beds, playground equipment or even as soil conditioners.

Chat to us today about your next project, and remember we have free delivery around Echuca Moama and also do interstate transport on all of our products.

Our Range

Soft Fall Mulch

Soft fall mulch is ideal for playgrounds.

Fine Pine


A good looking dark colour, effective at providing ground cover

Red Colour Bark

All the benefits of pine wood chips with bright colour and style

Black Colour Bark

Black Colour Pine Bark provides fantastic contrast in paved areas.

Mushroom Mulch

Our mushroom mulch is packed with nutrients.

Redgum Chips

Redgum chips are quite a sustainable mulch.

Budget Mulch

Made from composted down green waste.

Course Pine Bark


A good looking dark colour, effective at providing ground cover

Blended Bark

Brown Dyed  and fade proof mulch.

Hammermill Pine

Natural Brown coloured mulch that is great for your garden areas

Turpentine Pine

Australian Hardwood Timber Mulch that creates a highlight in your garden with the beautiful two-toned colours.